The Kite Hub provides the Equipment for varying skill levels of riders. All Members who use the Equipment must, in addition to abiding by The Kite Hub’s rules and regulations, use common sense whist using the Equipment. If a Member has any questions, they should see a staff member of The Kite Hub immediately. 


Below are The Kite Hub’s rules and regulations. These are to ensure everyone enjoys the Equipment in a safe and responsible manner. By using the Equipment, You are deemed to have accepted these rules and regulations, the Terms and Conditions and the Waiver Agreement attached to Your Membership Form.


  1. Members cannot participate in Activities unless they have signed the Waiver Agreement to be held on file by The Kite Hub. If a Member is under 18, their legal parent or guardian must accept and sign the document in the presence of a staff member of The Kite Hub.  Member’s will sign in paper form and agree that the signature will be binding upon them.


  1. Members must have had accredited kitesurfing lessons, or have been assessed by The Kite Hub and declared as having the requisite kitesurfing experience and competency by The Kite Hub in its sole discretion, prior to signing the Waiver Agreement.


  1. Members must participate in a safe manner and avoid collisions with other riders and obstacles at all costs.


  1. Members must obey all instructions from The Kite Hub staff at all times and in particular obey all safety instructions.


  1. Members suspected of consuming alcohol or under the influence of illegal drugs will not be allowed to use the Equipment.


  1. Members that cause damage to the Equipment will be liable for such damage and all costs of recovering such amount.


  1. The Kite Hub is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
You understand and acknowledge that The Kite Hub may modify these rules and regulations at any time at its sole discretion.